About us

Arbab is a Service Providing App for the residents of UAE. We aim to make your life simple and convenient. Our mission is to improve your life by providing every service you need at your doorstep.

From idea to final product

This monotonous urban life has limited our time. If someone needs any service for his home/office, he hardly gets time to go to the market and arrange someone for the service he needs. Everyone needs every service at a single click away. Arbab brings this idea to reality and solves this problem for the people of the UAE.

Our Approach

Mobile phones have brought a drastic change to our lives. Everything is just a click away from us. Considering this, we brought Arbab Mobile App for the residents of UAE to make their lives easier. With Arbab, you can reach to your required service provider by just a touch on your mobile screen and enjoy their services.

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