How it works

Arbab is a user-centered product that is made to improve your life by providing every service by just a single click. Here is a simple workflow of Arbab:

Client App

The residents of the UAE can Sign Up to this app for gaining their desired services. From the Home page, the client selects the category and subcategory of the service he needs to see the list of service providers along with their specialties. He can select a service provider of his own choice to send a job request specifying his needs. He may discuss with the service provider to sign a contract. Then the work begins.

As the job finishes, the client will approve an invoice created by the service provider. He will then pay him and rate him for his services.

Service Provider App

A service provider fills a form of his details to register on this app. The admin approves his account after complete authentication. The service provider then logs in and then sees his job invites. He can either accept or reject them and also see his jobs in progress, and the history of jobs he has provided.

After accepting a job invite, he may discuss with the client to sign a contract for starting his work. In the end, he generates an invoice and the client approves it and pays him for his services. He may update his profile later to add his new experience or certifications.