Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Arbab!

These Terms and Conditions state the rules governing your access and use of Arbab App, its subdomains, its services, and its site. Your use of this app represents that you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. As you register to Arbab, it shows your acceptance to this agreement. It must be mentioned here that if you do not want to be a part of this agreement, please do not access or register here to abstain from any future conspiracy or dispute.

This document extends to the Privacy Policy of Arbab. We strongly advise you to read this document and Privacy Policy of Arbab carefully before you proceed here to register or continue as a member.

Arbab holds the right to alter this User Agreement in the future anytime, if required, without any prior notice to you. However, changes in the Terms & Conditions will be officially announced to you.

Criteria to become a Member

Arbab ensures the credibility of its members before they become a part of it. It prevents minors access to content that is not suitable for them. Therefore, to become a member of Arbab, you must be eighteen years old or above than that. Under this agreement, we hold the right to limit or censor membership of a person if we believe that the person is a minor (under eighteen). 

If Arbab censors a person’s account, due to any reason, the Arbab app and its subdomains will be inaccessible to that person, and he will not be able to become a member of the Arbab again either as a service provider or as a client.

Obligations as a Member

While registering yourself as a member of Arbab, you are required to enter a username and password. You will use these credentials to access the services of this app.

After successful registration, you become a legitimate user of this app, and several obligations apply to you. These may include, but not limited to, the following:

  • While registration, you will provide accurate and complete information about yourself that is current and accurate. It is essential to know that you are not allowed to use the word “Arbab” in your contact details that may include, but not limited to, email addresses, or personal information.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining the privacy of your account credentials. In this regard, you agree that you will not share them with any other, no matter how dear to you, in this world. If, in any case, you lose your account credentials or found any unauthorized use of your account credentials, you agree to report to the Arbab administration without any delay immediately. Remember that Arbab tracks your activities via your account. If you fail to report unauthorized activities of your account to Arbab, only you will be liable for the actions performed via your account. In such a situation, Arbab may suspend your account or apply legal obligations to you, differing from case to case. You might have to reimburse Arbab for illegal and unauthorized use of your account.
  • Any member is not allowed to use the account credentials of any other member. If Arbab found such an activity, it may withdraw membership of that account. You agree that you will never use any other member’s account.
  • While using Arbab, you agree that you respect the privacy of all other members of Arbab. You will treat every information related to other members as confidential, and you will not disclose it to any third or unauthorized party.
  • You are required to keep your information complete and up-to-date on your Arbab account. Suppose we found that your information is untrue, incomplete, fake, or inappropriate on any reasonable grounds. In that case, we hold the right to limit or suspend your account for an indefinite period without any prejudice to any of the clauses of this agreement or any other reason. 
  • Arbab (at its sole discretion) may ask you to prove your identity or financial instruments at any time. You agree to provide any necessary information or any document (maybe from the third party) that you are asked for to Arbab. If you don’t, Arbab may limit or suspend your account without any liability.
  • We hold the right to suspend those accounts which are inactive for too long without any liability on Arbab.

Use of your Information

Arbab holds the right to use the information you provide in several ways. All the rights have been explicitly mentioned in our Privacy Policy. As you signup to Arbab, you grant us a non-exclusive and perpetual right to use your information (maybe personal). This information might be directly provided by you to us or provided by any other user or collected via you filling any forms on our app or during your sale or purchase or by any other means.

Communication to Users

By signing up for Arbab, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically either by using your email address or by posting on our site. These notices may include, but not limited to, new updates of the app, any change in our policies, new features, and promotional ads. You agree that these electronically communicated emails and notifications satisfy you as if they are written legal notices. 

Code of Conduct as a User

As a legal and authorized user of Arbab, you agree to comply with the following clauses while you are using Arbab:

  • You will not post any information that is irrelevant or inappropriate for a particular category or area.
  • Make sure that you will not post any sensitive, false, fake, harassing, inappropriate, irrelevant, faulty, misleading, illegal, fraudulent, or threatening content over Arbab.
  • Ensure that you will not post derogatory, harassing, targeting someone’s culture, false, use of profanity, abusing others, racist comments, questions, or answers on Arbab. 
  • You will not post any content related to obscenity, pornography, or any other representation of indecency.
  • Ensure that whatever you post as a service is not religiously or culturally offensive or hurting others’ emotions. Also, you will not post any political content or any other content that hurts public interest.
  • It is pertinent to mention here that you will not post any content that can be considered as a promotion to gambling. 
  • You will not add those services to your profile that you are unable or incapable of providing to the clients as a Service Provider. Also, you will not post stolen services.
  • Make sure that you will never fail to deliver your services as per the contract as a Service Provider. The exception here is the behavior or client. It means that this clause doesn’t apply to you if the client fails to prove his/her identity or if he/she fails to meet the terms in the contract.
  • You are not allowed to transfer your account or username to any other entity in any case. If you do not want to use it, you can deactivate it.
  • It must be mentioned here that you agree that you will not post too much content to our platform.
  • You will not use any abusive or inappropriate comments for Arbab’s policy. Also, you are not allowed to interfere or intrude, in any case, in the proper and smooth working of Arbab.
  • Any attempt of phishing, hacking, or spamming may lead to permanent suspension of your account without any liability on Arbab.
  • You will not include any description, tags, or links that offer to trade in, attempt to trade, directly, indirectly offer the trade of bonds, narcotics, drugs, intoxicants, tobacco products, or palliative substances.

Obligations for Online Payment

Arbab operates for the people of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hence, our country of domicile is the United Arab Emirates. If you pay for our services using our app, your details will directly be transferred to our payment providers via a secure channel. You must have the following clauses in your mind while you are paying online:

  • The pricing of services is based on customer’s requirements. They may vary from customer to customer according to requirements.
  • Make sure that you have a receipt of the transaction whenever you are paying through your card.
  • You will make payments only in AEDs or USD.

Copyrights of Arbab

Arbab reserves the copyrights of logos, buttons, software, and textual content present on its app or site.  All the content that may include but not limited to logos, images, textual content, graphics, audio, video, software, and digital downloads present on Arbab app or its site or its subdomains belong to, is the intellectual property of and is protected under copyrights of Arbab, its users, and its licensors. Before making any changes to its intellectual properties, you need to seek permission from Arbab owners.

Report a Problem

If you find any violation of this agreement or find any other violation of your rights, please notify Arbab. Arbab, under this agreement, holds the right to limit or suspend the user account that is violating this user agreement or hurting sentiments of other users without any prejudice. Arbab also holds the right to take additional technical or legal steps against the users violating this user agreement or Privacy Policy of Arbab or both. In critical conditions, we may withdraw that user’s access to this app.

Resolution of Disputes

Suppose or if any conflict, controversy, or difference arises out in connection or relation to this user agreement, including and limited to any question in reference to the formation, existence, validity, scope, termination, or nullification of this agreement or any of its clause. In that case, parties are required to resolve this dispute amicably through negotiations within a time frame of 30 days.

Obligations on the transfer of Rights

By signing this agreement, you, with this irrevocably grant Arbab the right to transfer all or any part of its liabilities, rights, or obligations to any of its affiliates without requiring any further specific permission from you. However, you are not allowed to transfer all or any part of Arbab’s benefits, liabilities, rights, or obligations to anyone under this agreement without any prior written consent from Arbab.

Communication Platform

Arbab is a communication platform for clients and service providers. It is solely made to provide you maintenance and management services at your doorstep. Arbab does not buy or sell any of the services present here. You hereby agree that you will not hold Arbab responsible for any other user’s content, commitments, actions, services, or inactions. Arbab cannot, can never be, a part of buying and selling of services as it is only a platform to connect people to get their required services. You should know that:

  • Arbab is not responsible for late service delivery, losses, unsatisfactory services, or delayed services.
  • Arbab will not mediate between the conflicts of users.
  • Arbab is not responsible for the committed services by the service providers. We do not have any control over the commitments given to clients by service providers or the accuracy of users, or the truth of users. You can not hold Arbab responsible for any of the fraud by any other user.
  • Third-party services are managed by third parties only. Arbab cannot guarantee the services granted to you by other parties.
  • Arbab or any other third-party service is not liable for errors and omissions.
  • You (user) will independently make contracts, commitments, delivery, payments with other users and will not hold Arbab responsible for the breach of the activities as mentioned earlier.

General Obligations

For any reason, if any clause of this agreement is deemed invalid, expired, or void, the rest of the agreement and the remaining clauses will not affect it. This agreement will be applied equally, valid, enforceable without any enforcement by any other party.

If this agreement is translated into any other language, only English will prevail and will be considered as the final word of mouth. 

This agreement is built with the governing laws of the UAE. You are bound to obey these rules always.

In case of breach of any clause of this agreement or for any other reason, if required, Arbab holds the right to limit, suspend, or withdraw user access to Arbab and its subdomains under this agreement any time without any prior notification or reason to you.

Arbab cares for the privacy of its users and has defined a complete Privacy Policy for its users. This Privacy Policy is an extension to this agreement, and you must read it carefully before you agree to this agreement.

Arbab holds the right to make amendments to Terms & Conditions in the future with time to time requirements and you are liable to those new clauses in extension to acceptance of this document.