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Innovative software tools and mobile apps require trademark protection as well to build a brand. The brand further needs legal protection by way of trademarks for doing international business. Brand owners approach global marketing as a strategy to ensure maximum benefits, which makes it crucial to file trademark applications across various classes of goods or services. To promote a business in the digital world, appropriate protection for domain name is also required.





Arbab will Assured that, all the Data of User and Professioner will be secured and safe.


Arbab is only Platform Between User and Proffesioner, Arbab will not assured that any type of work to the Users and Professioner.


Arbab will not receive any type of Commissions from Users and Profession after completing there Works.

Arbab will not responsible for any kind misbehave from Users and Professioner, Arbab will not responsible for Cash Transaction Materials. Work Performance.

Choosing the Best Professioner is user responsibility, It is up-to the Professioner to choose the best job for there work

Decide about the amount of work will be relevant to both, Arbab will not take any type of responsibility any matter whatsoever.

Arbab is the not responsible if anyone offers the job opportunity in Arbab.

Registration Charge will be charged for Professioner Rs – 100/- only, It will be one time charge for specified service.

A Professioner can Activate up-to Services, Monthly there will be Service Alert / SMS / Notification Charges will be charged.

If there will be 3 times Bad Reviews the Profile will be Blocked From our Side.

During Covid-19, Use Face mask, maintain Social Distancing, Wash hands frequently, Use Sanitizer.

It is advisable to download Arogya Setu App On your mobile Phone, You Responsible for your own health, Stay Safe & Stronger together.

All the information I have given is correct, If my Given information is Wrong, I can be prosecuted.


I have Read all information given above & I agreed with all